Tuesday, December 29, 2009

SO bad about updating my blog

Facebook is a bastard. Admit it. Since joining I guess about a year ago, then having everyone I know well, kind of know, have gotten to know better, barely known but glad I have, don't really want to know but somehow know more than I ever wanted, it has been really hard to keep this going. I know it just takes the drive to write, but there again, lazy bastard.

But hey, I've been busy! In between the teenager learning to drive, trying to sell the house AND buy a house, it makes for needing to gel in front of the tv or book or....Facebastard.

So, more will come I am sure, eventually, just down to the wire on the house thing.

*cross fingers*
*wishes luck*

Listening: trying to nail down my top music for 2009 for the radio show (97.3 wrir.org 6-8am Friday Breakfast Blend). The Molice, Mahala Rai Banda, & more more more, hard to say what is number one, they are all so good!

Reading: doing some homework for a trip to Williamsburg to visit my folks who are in town there soon, but on deck is the second half of Edmund Morris Teddy Roosevelt biography. Plus also, got the complete Don Martin MAD 2 Vol. set. Quite fun!