Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Seasons Deities

Firstly, Happy Winter Solstice!
We have lots to celebrate, especially the court case in PA on Intelligent Design. We can breathe a LITTLE easier, but not too much, we still have this Cable Indecency thing, led by Republican insane man Ted Stevens (and incidentally 3rd in line to the Presidency in National Emergencies). Okay, so it's only Cable we're worrying about here, but let's flip that drug metaphor logic on that thought. Just as some could say marijuana is the gateway to worse addictions, perhaps censorship in the airwaves is only the beginning to worse travesties against the First Amendment as well.

Oh yeah, we also have to worry about being spied on these days too. Where is J. Edgar Hoover when ya need him?

Despite all these red herrings and distractions to the Middle East Mess, let's all try and remember the time of year and what stuff like Christmas trees are all about, really.

Music to bring in the New Year:
Ani Difranco "Evolve"
Polysics or Die!!!!

Reading: Neal Stephenson "Quicksilver". Well, starting, the thing is huge, so let's hope I stick with it and be done by, say, April?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sex me up with some hypocrisy

So in the world of local politics in RVA, Schoolboard Chairman Johnson, while seeking some johnson on the internet, was called out by someone that dislikes him and he has stepped down. People at my work are all up in arms over his promiscuity, but these barking pseudo-dems seem to forget the not too distant past. From what I understand, Johnson did a lot of good things for the schools. I think what this person at work is all excited about is the fact that he was gay and using the internet. Hypocrisy is a disgusting monster no matter what side of the political fence you are on. Me? I'm generally not in the same yard... ha

The thing that I don't understand is that don't these politicians KNOW they will constantly be under the microscope?

Other interesting news, albeit a bit dated. When the M&M balloon went out of control and hurt some people at the Macy's parade, NBC ran old footage of the previous years M&M balloon while the Today Show puppets read from scripts. A liberal media that wants you to remain happy and content during Turkey Day? I THINK NOT! Try not to get alarmed if real poo ever hits the fan, just keep smiling!

Listening to: Lungfish
Reading: The Book on the Bookshelf