Monday, January 19, 2009

My Carytown New Year pictures...

These are photos from the day after, around 11:30am. I live near enough there to call it my neighborhood, and frankly I don't want you dickweeds around trashing my community for the sake of the New Year:

I'm not sure who brought the walking machine to the Street party, but they tore that box open and left it.

This was a huge sheet of glass that we thought fell from a window, we couldn't locate the origin, guessed maybe someone's car window got smashed.

Since there are no cows in the big city for country bumpkin drunk boys to tip over, portable toilets are the next best thing?

This was the remains of a bloody torn shirt on the sidewalk which furthers my thought that there are a lot of drunk dudes at this "celebration" looking for fights.

This is the best shot I could get of the inside of Can-Can, which was very trashy with confetti and stuff that the staff probably said, "This crap can wait till tomorrow." Still, all those suburbanites coming in to the fashionable restaurant would call 12 on your side in a heartbeat if they found a streamer in their soup!

Horse nuggets left by your friendly neighborhood policemen and their trusty steeds that I heard trotted through the crowd minutes after the New Year to clear people out. Guess they forgot the shovel?

Speaking of horse flop, those that couldn't squeeze into Can-Can, had to settle for Asian food on flower boxes. I suppose finishing the rice was too much effort to achieve, kind of like throwing away the plate. I kind of have this image of a group of 22 year old drunk fashionable girls sharing these plates of food, with one totally blowing chunks after eating, while her friend sets the plates down right here to help her friend puke by moving her long $200 haircut out of the flow of barf.

Celebrate the New Year in Carytown, rent an apartment!

I think these photos are reason enough to charge people in the counties taxes for Richmond. You come to the city and trash it! Not saying a lot of the locals do it too but...Or at least if they are going to do this Carytown thing next year, they should charge 20 bucks, so they can afford a quick clean up after wards, and not just the one street, the neighborhoods too. A lot of the surrounding the areas had litter everywhere as a result.

Carytown New Year's is LAME. We went one year and that was enough. The idea of a ball dropping (or raising) needs more of a Square type setting. How about Brown's Island or Shockoe Bottom. Because I suspect that a lot of people that troll the Bottom were probably at this thing. Anyway.


Sarah said...

I agree with everything you said. I live in the neighborhood and was stepping over frozen vomit and broken champagne bottles for at least a month after last year's Carytown NYE.

Anonymous said...

The pic of the "walking machine box" was actually "redistributed" recyclables along Boulevard from the wind storm earlier in the day NYE, prior to the party. That being siad, everything else is pretty much as described. As a WOTB resident, i am torn between support of the event for the positive exposure it brings the shopping district businesses and Richmond and being totally PO'ed that we have to deal with the aftermath for weeks until all the little bits get ground down into the asphalt and concrete enough to "disappear". It sure did not get picked up the day after, though it was better cleanup than last year, at least on my end of Cary.

Anonymous said...

Direct some of your photos/comments to City Hall and see what kind of response you get...

Anonymous said...

You've got to take the good and bad with the ugly. It part of the price you pay for living near an entertainment district. A little neighborhood volunteerism could get that picked up a lot faster.

Anonymous said...

the city wants the whole event to go away....and it will...they need those tax dollars to go to other important things, like a new stadium in the bottom that no one will go to