Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gyral Umbrella

Clock Work baby. I saw this crazy ass toy at World of Mirth right before the holidays. Obviously a choking hazard to most anyone and I think on the consumer shit list in some countries, yet selling for 45 bucks on ebay in Argentina.

Everything about it stuns me. The crazy name, the weird graphics, the way it works and the funky psycho sound it makes. Here's a vid of it at work, notice how LONG it performs, and that was just from a few cranks!

I KNOW, right, so weird.... anyway, another greatly humorous thing about this toy made in China, is the warning label that it has:

1) Children is misspelled and 2) that sentence ALMOST makes no sense! You gotta think about it a little, ya know? It's almost like the box is PART of the fun! Anyway, I bought the last two (or only) on the shelf, they were like 6 bucks, thinking that I definitely had to have one at the office and I had to share one with someone. Funny how I haven't found the right person yet to give this to!


anne said...

I sent my brother one of those for his birthday in 1987. I was doing my Junior year abroad in China. The picture on the box was the same, I think! But the label said "Gyral emitting musical toy."

Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

So I always imagine in China, or where ever these mass produced crazy toys are from, that they just have WALLS of these available in markets and such. I collect robots, so if I ever get over there, I am totally buying tons of em cheap and shipping them back.
Heh, you said "gyral emitting musical toy", heh heh...

Jennifer said...

musta had more in the back!!! i love that thing!