Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Where do I start?

Once I get the hang of it, surely people will read this in droves? I guess since I can't seemed to get published by certain magazines I will have to have a blog to get the avalanche started. I'm not bitter. I vent in other areas anyway. Forthcoming will be rejected submissions or future rejected submissions.

What is more obnoxious? Christmas commercials the week of Halloween or February's Winter Olympic commercials the week after Halloween? Both are aimed at spending, the first wants you to spend money for gifts on everyone in your life and a little something for yourself, the latter would like you to spend weeks on the couch watching four guys with brooms move rocks across the ice.

Readville: "Like Sisters on the Homefront" by Rita Williams-Garcia

Music to life to: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Xtra-Acme", any Noble Chicken (Why? well, because that's my band!)

Movie to recommend: One Missed Call (Japan, Dir: Takaski Miike)


Lisa said...

Man, this blog is gonna be wickedy wack.

Anonymous said...

If Lisa says you're readable, I will read.

You now have readers; it's up to you to keep us.


Anonymous said...

Criss Cross is wickedy wickedy wack!